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One minute Monday Tip: Secure Your Line

One minute Monday Tip: Secure Your Line 

Hey guys, here’s your one minute Monday tip for this week. I’m just having a bit of a play around with these nice little Shimano SLX combos that I’ve got for doing our Barra run off charters this year.

Now something that’s always annoying fisherman is getting rods and reels tangled up and it’s a bloody pain in the ass trying to get them sorted. 

So after you’ve cut your lure off, so that you don’t get tangled how do you secure your line? A lot of people tie it in a knot around the guide but I can tell you a better way right now. It takes 10 seconds.

Throw your line across itself, then thread back under and through itself, half hitch around the braid and do another one for good measure.

That line is secure as you would ever like it, it’s not going to pull out no matter what you do until you just grab the leader and pull it out and off you go again.

Happy days! It’s the easiest way, safest way, best way to store them. Happy Monday!





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