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How to protect your plugs

How to Keep Your Plugs Good as New

When you spend almost every single cent you’ve ever earned (like I did last year) on the best sounder in the market, the HDS Live 16, and you don’t want your plugs to get all flogged out from:


  • Bouncing around everywhere 
  • Taking it off all the time when travelling 
  • Getting water in it, because your million dollar car port isn’t quite up to scratch…


…grab yourself a tube of this gear: 

Dielectric Grease
The ol’ Dielectric Grease


Smear a bit of that onto the back of your plugs and bang ‘em back in there.


You can do it a couple of times a year, it’s probably all you need to do, and keep her all sweet for the upcoming metre-y season.


See you on the water! 

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